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As an independent company CheckPablo wants to make the search for a (second) home in Spain as easy as possible for everyone. We achieve this by offering online a varied range of properties in Spain of private sellers and several agencies. All real-estate brokers at CheckPablo are regional specialists characterized by a high level of service and reliability. Through the combination of a clear presentation of the range of properties and the use of simple search functions, you’ll easily find the desired property.

Why we are unique



We are 100% independent and  don’t belong to any real-estate broker nor real estate association. Consequently we don’t have any  interest in which real-estate agent will help you buy a home. And we keep it that way.
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Multiple search functions                                                                                                        
At CheckPablo you can start searching the way  you like. Using the map, the list of properties ,the  brokers name or  the region the real-estate broker is working or  the language speaks. You are in control and decide how you want to search. And we think it should be that way.


Contemporary design                                                                                                        

CheckPablo optimizes user experience (intuitive) where clear property-  and contact information is crucial. Design is important but accurate information is most important. For you, it should be simple to find what you are looking for.


Regional specialists                                                                                                        

At CheckPablo all real-estate agents know their region well  and have a wide range of properties. In case you have seen a property elsewhere , they can often accompany you as the purchasing agent. Reliability and service are always top priority for our brokers.