The CheckPablo way

  • CheckPablo is independent

    CheckPablo is an independent portal where agents and private sellers from all over Spain can advertise their properties to reach an international audience as large as possible. It concerns both Spanish and not-Spanish real-estate brokers, but everyone of them must be established officially in Spain.

  • The real-estate broker at CheckPablo is a regional expert

    At CheckPablo all agents know their region very well and have a wide range of properties. In case you may have seen a property elsewhere, they can always assist you as purchasing agent.

    Reliability and service are always our agents priorities.

  • Good quality range of properties

    CheckPablo wants to uphold the quality and service of his portal. We achieve this by applying the following three criteria:

    1. Not every real-estate broker is allowed to advertise at CheckPablo. In Spain it is relatively easy to start as a broker. As a result there have been many players in the market in the past that have caused quite some problems. To avoid this and to bring into contact the buyer with the right broker, only real-estate brokers preferably member of one of the two national real- estate professional organizations API or GIPE may advertise at CheckPablo. These brokers have to meet high-quality standards and are subject to disciplinary action. In addition to this, the real-estate broker must have been operating already for several years and have been demonstrating his good practice.
    2. We ask our agencies and private sellers to present their properties in a good and correct way, regarding both pictures and text. Furthermore it is important that they regularly update their properties and remove all the properties sold immediately. At random we’ll be checking this.